21. (Mis)adventure number 3: Great Expectations [Part 3]

I’m staring at the wine glass sitting on the table in front of me.

There are people everywhere, indistinct chatter fills the room. There’s piercing feedback from a microphone in the middle of the room and a young gentleman, dressed in black adjusts it and speaks.

‘How’s everyone doing this evening? I’ll be taking your song requests for the next hour so keep ’em coming.’

I check my phone. No reply from Jay.

I see Cam filtering in and out of the crowd of people, returning from a search for the bathroom.

The young gentleman starts singing a song about lost love.

Cam shifts his stool close to mine and says something which I can’t hear.


He moves his face barely a few millimetres from my right ear, a concoction of draft beer and sliced onions wafting toward my nose.

‘Bathroom’s under repair. Gotta use the one next door.’

I rip my face away and nod.

It was really crowded for a Tuesday night and I wondered about the choice of venue. The singer wasn’t bad, but I could barely hear him and this wasn’t really my sort of thing, nor was it how I thought I’d be spending a Tuesday night.

“Why did you decide to come here?”

I repeat the question because Cam didn’t hear the first time.

He has to raise his voice to reply, ‘Live music at bars. It’s your thing, right?’

I raise my voice back at him, maybe a little too loudly. “NO. And I never said that.”


He looks over at the musician and bobs his head in rhythm.

I go back to staring at the wine glass.

Okay Charlotte. You gave it a shot. Can’t say you didn’t try. Let’s go home.

It takes a while but I finish my glass of wine and tap Cam on the shoulder and say I have to head home.

As I pick up my bag, ready to leave, a waiter arrives with another glass of wine.

‘Gewürztraminer for the lady?’

“No, no. I just had one.”

‘I ordered another!’ Cam says with a grin. ‘Looked like you enjoyed the first one, so can’t say no to seconds right?’

“Thank you. But no, I have to go.”

I exit the bar and keep walking. I head for the train station, which thankfully was nearby.

I’m joined by Cam a few moments later who jogs up to join me.

‘Hey, the night’s still young! Where are you going?’

“I have to go home now.” I say, without even looking at him, moving past the turnstile and toward the platform.

‘….Am I missing something here?’

I stop and turn on my heel to face him.

“Goodnight, Cameron.”

The train arrives and I enter, leaving Cam at the platform.


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