20. (Mis)adventure number 3: Great Expectations [Part 2]

‘What was that?’

I blinked a couple of times and saw that I was still under the neon sign.

Not Oz, or Kansas. Heel clicking won’t save me now.

“Oh. Uh. I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

‘Whatever I’m having? I’m going with upsized and extra fries. So you’ve got an appetite. Nice.’

Nice. I tried to hide my shudder. We were just short of fist-bumping and punctuating every sentence with ‘bruh’ or ‘dude’.

I told Cam I didn’t need the extras.

After collecting the grub, he edges his way into the seat next to me. I shift as close as I could get to the wall on the other side.

In between fries falling from mouth to tray to floor and loud enough slurping to put a ramen restaurant to shame, it was interjected with ‘so what do ya do?’, ‘so improv huh?’ and ‘are you gonna eat that?’

Despite my ever-growing need to run back home, I wanted to be polite and possibly have a good time. After all, the evening was just beginning, what’s the worst that could happen, right?

With Cam picking at the fries that were lucky enough to still be on the tray, I excuse myself to go to the bathroom.

I immediately text Jay.

Jay. Help. Me. Now. Pls. 

I linger around in the bathroom for a little while longer and look in the mirror.

“You can still go home now. It’s not too late.”

I look deep into the hazel almond-shaped eyes staring back at me and close them.

I exit the bathroom and slide back into my enamel-glazed seat.

“So, the hunger’s all sorted out. What do we do now?”

Cam puts an arm over my shoulders, which causes me to immediately freeze up.

He looks at me and grins, like a fellow bro non-verbally telling another bro to partake in some hijinks.

‘C’mon. Follow me.’

And like one unwise bro to another, I follow.


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