18. Employee Orientation.

Soon enough the introductory workshops ended and it was time to move on to ‘the next level’.

It had been perhaps a couple of months now shuttling to and from the improv venue. 

In the shuttling about, I noticed a particular gentleman who frequented the venue but wasn’t in the same classes as Jay and myself.

He wore glasses and had a nice smile. During a break for one of my sessions, I literally bumped into him and dropped my phone when I exited the bathroom. We both started apologizing profusely and both bent down to pick up my phone and we laugh about the apologizing and matching actions. I learnt his name was Cameron. Or Cam, as he told me when he shook my hand. I felt a slight flutter in my stomach.

Jay knew Cam. They had attended something lifestyle-related once before and would say hi to each other at the venue. After toilet-bump incident, Jay could tell something was up with me.

During one of our journeys back to ####, Jay leans in close and whispers, ‘Did ya talk to Cam today?’

I feel my face get warm. ‘N..no.’ I look away.

‘My big sis is in l……’

“No. I am not. And I am not your big sis.”

‘Aw c’mon!’ Jay pouts. 

“…..He does seem like a nice guy…”

‘See!!!!! I have his number~ Want it?’ He waves his phone in front of me.

“Stop that.” I swat his hand away. “You’re being very immature.”

‘That’s why you love me.’ He taps away at his phone and has the biggest grin on his face.

“..what are you doing?”

‘Texting Cam.’


‘All this um-ing and ah-ing will not make anything happen. Consider this a favor.’

“Nonononono. I am fine. I do not need any favor. Please stop texting him.” I lean over to try to grab his phone out of his hands.

Jay raises his arms away from me and angles them far away whilst still tapping away and laughing to himself.

Other commuters look over and have very quizzical looks on their faces.

“Dammit Jay.” I fold my arms across my chest. “I swear I will end you.”

His phone dings.

‘He replied!’ Jay angles the phone away from my view and looks over at me with the stupidest grin on his face.

“…… What did he say?”

‘And the lady wants to know what the nice gentleman says. Hah.’


My phone beeps about a minute later.

‘See for yourself. And you’re welcome.’

I slide my thumb across the screen and I see that I’ve received a message from Cam. Jay leans in close to have a look.

Hello Charlotte. It’s Cam here. Are you free for dinner next Tuesday? 

‘I am so happy for you both. Please name your first son after me.’ 

I raise my hand to smack his shoulder. He evades the smack and rushes to the train doors as they open for his stop.

‘I love you too, sis! I love you too!’ He runs off.

The train doors close. I look at the message again. I start tapping away at my phone.


Hi Cam, yes that sounds great. Where shall we meet?



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