16. No mistakes, only opportunities.

No, and no.

I waved goodbye and turned and told myself to walk as fast as I possibly could away from Jay.

But before I could make a run for it, Jay says:

‘Oh okay. Well, are you headed home then? Where do you live?’

Ugh. Seriously!?!

“Over at ####, close to the ##.”

Damnit Charlotte, why did you not just make something up? You JUST had an improv workshop for goodness’ sake!

‘Oh what a coincidence. I’m a couple of stops from ####. We could catch the same train!’

“Grrrrrrreattt….” I say as he ushers me toward the escalator, taking us to the subway station.

While we wait for the train, Jay asks alot of questions in a bid to find out more about me. I answer some and ignore others, I decide that I should be asking some questions too.

“So the 6 of you all attended a one-off workshop before today?”


“Oh how did you find out about it?”

‘We all take classes together. Our instructor organized a one-off sesh on spontaneity. So our interest was piqued and we decided to carry with more workshops.’

The train pulls in and we both board.

“Oh what sort of classes do you take?”

‘We take ….. classes.’

“Sorry, what was that?”

‘We take lifestyle classes.’

I glance over at the sign showing the number of stations I have left before I reach my destination.

Why are there SO many?!? Lord please help me.

‘I know what you’re thinking. It’s totally weird. Like, what does lifestyle even mean right?’

“OH no.” I wave my hand, tilt my head sideways and I laugh like a maniac. “I wasn’t thinking that.”

‘It’s okay. Most people don’t understand. But I have to say it’s really helped me. I was struggling a lot from before and one night after WAY too many drinks and Google, I came across this instructor. It’s turned my life around.’

Jay went on to explain a little bit more about the classes. I was genuinely intrigued and interested. I wanted to slap myself for what I thought earlier.

“I.. I see. I’m sorry, earlier on I did not mean to sound so….”

‘S’alright. There are no mistakes, only opportunities. See, now, you’ve had the opportunity to learn about me and what I’ve done leading up to this. And now we’re here and we’re classmates! We have the opportunity to improve together.’

He smiles. I offer an embarrassed smile in return.

‘Welp, this is my stop. It was nice talking with you Charlotte, till next time!’

He lifts his hand up for a high-five. I high-five him and Jay exits the train.

I repeat after him, “No mistakes. Only opportunities.”

The train doors close.


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