15. Yes, and…

I took my cousin’s advice and sent the email


Two weeks later.

I curse myself for wearing the wrong shoes.

I am running so late and I am desperately trying to find the venue.

I scroll through my inbox on my phone and re-read the email I received from them, informing me to look out for their uniquely patterned windows.

I look up. I believe I’m on the right street.


All the windows along the stretch are uniquely patterned.

I contemplate the thought of going home..

No Charlotte! You made a commitment! And you paid good money for this. Don’t back out now.

As I stomp my way down said street, I see the signage for the venue and I head up a small flight of steps. I stumbled in and it turns out I am the earliest because all the other participants are running way later than me.

I park myself on a foldable chair and I am joined by a gentleman dressed so casually, it felt as if he was in his own abode. He informs me of his name, Theo and that he was the coach for the workshops I signed up for. He starts asking questions about what I do and why I’m here.

Before I can answer, the door swings open and in stumbles 6 other gentlemen. Of varying ages, occupations and dress sense, it was made all the weirder because they all knew each other. One of them, walks up to me to shake my hand and offers a compliment about my eyes. 

I thank him but raise an eyebrow at the possibility of motive behind his compliment. 

He seemed sincere though… No Charlotte! Remember Wickham?? Don’t fall into the same trap!

I learn later on that they had attended a similar workshop in the past and had inadvertently all signed up for this set of workshops held at this uniquely window patterned venue.

Despite feeling and being the odd one out, this dissipated quickly after going through warm up exercises and Theo being most encouraging as he worked us through the basic rules and how one should approach this form of theatre.

I must say it was pretty fun. As Theo wrapped things up, he challenged us to actively engage with one of the first principles of improv, ‘Yes, and.., to agree to the basic set up and add value to it as the scene progresses, in our daily lives.

Upon exiting the venue, I am joined by eye-complimenting workshop participant. I learn that his name is Jay and he asks if I’m headed to the nearby mall. 

I say yes. He says he is headed there too and walks along with me.

As we arrive at the entrance of the mall, Jay asks, ‘Have you had lunch? Wanna grab a bite to eat?’

I can hear Theo’s words in my head. ‘Don’t forget: Yes, and in your daily life!’

I look at Jay.


“No, and no.”


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