13. (Mis)adventure number 2: To Sir with love

Mr T replied and informed me that he was most surprised to receive a message. He was certain that I would have just scoffed and deleted the number.

But I didn’t. 

So here we were, exchanging messages (very formal, in an attempt to gather more intel about each other). Mother was most pleased.

After 3-4 days of intel-gathering, a date was set for our meeting. Up until this point, what I knew about Mr T was that he was younger than I was (gasp), in a pretty noble profession (double gasp) and had mutual aquaintances (damn all these degrees of connection).

Perhaps this would allow us more commonalities and perhaps this would go more smoothly? 

So on that fateful day, again Mother Lucas made comments about hair, outfit and waited outside for his arrival.

Similar to the Captain, Mr T arrived promptly at 11am and exchanged pleasantries and was very polite and cool about everything. Driving off with the ‘have fun~~~~~~~’ resonating behind us, again I apologized profusely for Mother but Mr T said ‘don’t worry ’bout it’.

We found ourselves in a quaint little cafe serving all day breakfast/brunch items so we ordered and waited.

He smiled. I smiled. Although for me, it was more like awkwardly stretching my mouth to form a thin line and then relaxing.


And then silence. 

I asked a question, I got a one word reply. I asked another question, he gave another one word reply.

And I’m thinking, I’m not even asking Yes/No questions, how is this even possible? 

I asked about his profession, he said a little more than three to four words. 

I began to feel like a facilitator.

His phone buzzed. He looked at the screen and began tapping at it.

My Eggs Benedict arrive, it is the best thing to happen so far.

After quiet chewing and some clink clanking of cutlery against plate, I asked Mr T about previous relationships. 

He looked up from his brunch: ‘Yes, yes I have been in a relationship before.. Have you?’ 

Jackpot! More than 7 words! We can have extended conversation now!

“Mm-hm but unfortunately it didn’t work out.”

‘Ah. Same here.’

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Was it a long term one?”

‘Yup. It started in 1st grade.’

I stopped cutting into the muffin on my plate.

“May I ask when you parted ways?”

‘When we finished high school.’

“That’s a long time.”


“So you have not dated since then?”



We completed the rest of the meal in silence.

After the meal, Mr T mentioned having to run some errands but would send me back home first.

Upon arriving back at home, I thank him for the meal and exit the vehicle.

Like the Captain, I never saw Mr T again. 

Mother bursts from her room when she heard me shut the front door.

‘Sooooo? How did it go? Will you be meeting again???’

“I don’t think so.”

She lets out a deep sigh.

‘Did you not learn from the experience with the Captain??’

“Mother, thank you but I’m done with all this.”

‘But Mr Thackery is such a nice young man, such a noble job too. This is such a shame…. Well maybe if I…’

“Mother..” I raise my hand to my forehead. “Please. Just. Don’t.”

‘I’m.. We’re.. Your father and I are just trying to help. Wait till he hears about this. I just don’t know what to do with you Charlotte.’

She turns on her heels and retreats. 

I can hear her muffled report to Father through the closed door of their room.


As I turn to make my way to my own room and meet with the mirror attached to the wardrobe, I look at it, at me, and say:

“I just don’t know what to do with me, either.”


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