11. Phone Interview

Following the outing/ failed set up with the Captain, it had me thinking: okay I tried it, didn’t like it, maybe it’s not for me. So whatever. Right?

A fortnight later—

Whilst at work, my phone rings. 

It’s Mother. 

Calling at 10am on a weekday? This is very unlike her. I have never received a call from family in the daytime halfway through work unless it was an emergency. Worrying that it was one, I answer.

“Hello? Mother, what’s wrong? Is everything okay?”

‘Hello? Hello? Everything’s fine dear.’

“Okay.. Then.. Why are you calling?”

Her voice goes a pitch higher. 

‘Well I just happened to step into the common room at the office and I overheard a conversation and I met this nice young man. I think you two should meet!’


I wanted to respond with the following:

First of all, why are you calling me? This is NOT an emergency!

Second of all, why are you talking to random people you do not know? Stranger danger Mother.

Thirdly, Mother, how did you overhear a conversation and come to the conclusion that I must meet this man?


Instead, I say,

“Oh. Okay.”

‘He is SUCH a nice fellow. He reminds me of Mr Collins. Maybe a little taller and well, bigger. But he is most charming. I asked and he gave me his contact details, I shall be sending them on to you. Do get in touch okay dear?’

“Uh. Wait.. I—” *click*

Moments later, my phone pings with the contact details.


I resumed the day’s work.


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