9. Jobless

Back in the present, I couldn’t possibly react to the retrenchment like feisty 7th grade Charlotte did (We call that harassment and defamation, plus I’d look so unclassy, so no).

Upon being booted out of the Wickham merger due to a new partnership, unbeknownst to me (oh I knew, I just didn’t want to admit it), I found myself without a partner, without an organisation, in business-speak, jobless.

It was a good thing though, following on from the horrors of the previous year. Now was the time for regrouping and starting anew. I could start over and things would be great!

But, in those lull moments, when the rest of the world is sleeping except for you, I can hear them saying:

“Don’t worry, someday it’ll be your turn.”

“It’ll happen when you least expect it.”

Unlike the note from my dorm buddy, I couldn’t throw it away.

My parents were elated that Wickham was out of our lives, but it pained them that I was suitor-less. After all, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man, in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

Well, in their minds it was more:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single girl, in possession of good breeding, education and not yet past the age of 30 must be in want of a husband.

I mean, the Austen one probably rings true too. I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of dudes out there whose parents are badgering them for being girlfriend-less, wife-less, child-less, house-less etc. (Hang in there, guys!)

I understood my parents’ pain, I appreciated their concern, but I guess sometimes it was as if they didn’t see that time (at least some set aside for healing and feeling better) was a pretty important factor in all of this. Yes, the whole ‘someday’ thing got me down, but it was barely a couple of weeks we were rid of Wickham and suddenly they were pacing the room like ‘y u no bf?’

My dearest mother, Mrs Lucas, decided to take matters into her own hands, perhaps taking a leaf out of Mrs Benett’s book (and crazy head) and set things up.

It was perhaps 3 months following my initial joblessness, she enters the room:

“Expect to hear from Mr, or should I say Captain, Captain S soon. I have made your intentions known to Mrs S so it should be soon!”

My intentions?! What intentions!? I wanted to protest, but seeing the hope in her eyes, I replied, ‘okay.’

Captain S contacted soon enough and thus began my dating (mis)adventures.


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