1. Move over, Lizzie B.

Well, here goes nothing.

I am your modern day Charlotte Lucas.

Similar to the 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice’s Charlotte, I am:

“27 years old.

I’ve no money and no prospects.

I’m already a burden to my parents.

And I’m frightened.”

Well, some edits are in order.

I’ve no money and no prospects – this is not totally true. A rather well-rounded education and globalisation has allowed me prospects aplenty.

I’m already a burden to my parents – not totally true either. It just seems to be the case in one particular aspect.

What is this aspect?

At this age, almost every one of my peers is one of the following:

  • quite satisfied with their stable careers,
  • preparing to settle down with a significant other,
  • or happily settled down, with stable careers and bundles of joy (either on the way or already bobbing on their knees).

I, on the other hand, am significant other-less, stable career-ed (though not always satisfied) but nowhere near the prospect of happy settled down-ness.

And I’m frightened. 

Frightened because I will be left on the shelf (like Mary!), or eventually settling for modern day Mr Collins. Frightened because now I am everything I did not intend to be, because of poor life choices.

And now I’m here. I liken it to the scenario where Charlotte has heard about Lizzie’s rejection of Mr Collins, and in the book and movie we learn that Charlotte makes the very thoughtful decision to marry him. The above four lines spoken by my namesake’s character in the movie resonate very strongly and obviously, I do not want that to happen to me.

Charlotte then tells Lizzie, ‘Not all of us can afford to be romantic.’

From this point I imagine that I, as modern day Charlotte, have a shot at changing my fate. I imagine myself telling P&P Charlotte, ‘No! Maybe you do have a shot at a romantic relationship and an even better outcome than the one you envisioned’. This is and will be an alternate universe version of Charlotte Lucas where she does not end up as Mrs Charlotte Collins.

So, by taking all of Charlotte’s best qualities, her logic, sensibility and intelligence, I shall use them in my foray into ensuring I do not settle for a modern day Mr Collins by navigating the realms of dating and romance.

And hopefully, out of all this, I can be less frightened.





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