2. “Someday.”

I recall a time at university. We were about to conclude our first year as freshmen in the various areas of study we were all enrolled in. In addition to this milestone, my immediate neighbours at the dorm also reached another milestone, they found significant others.

At that time and that age, I admit I was upset for a while, but it got better. I made the decision to exclude myself from certain activities where said significant others would be present.

We wouldn’t want the single pringle to ruin the even numbers now, would we?

One morning I woke up to find that one of my neighbours had stuck a note on my door. It was in the shape of a pink ball gown with an incredibly large skirt, and on it she wrote:

“Someday, you’ll find someone meant for you 🙂 ”

“You deserve the happiness that we have, and I’m sure you’ll find it, someday.”


I threw the note away.



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